with the EDGE PRO Sharpening System

The solution to your knife sharpening needs!
We offer the BEST knife sharpening services with an easy mail-order setup. Simply mail your knives to us, we will put on an Accurate and sharp edge and mail them back to you only days after we receive them.

" Two of the most valuable things in a Chef's career is their time and their knives. For the past 26 years I have spent my time sharpening my own knives, maybe because of lack of time or lack of information. I now have the right information on how my knives should be sharpened ACCURATELY. My time is now spent more productively as I trust Tim Rafferty of Accurate Sharpening & Cutlery Sales with the tools of my trade. He also provides me with the finest Cutlery available, and my old favorites have never been SHARPER!"


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